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WWVB Emulator apk version 1.2.5

About WWVB Emulator game:

Attention: There are a lot of people this application requests, so it's made. But there is no environment that a maker tests. Operation guaranteed won't be done.

It can not correspond to the atomic clock. Please adjust the NPC time with other apps.
Correspondence in this application is not planned.
We will receive more emails requesting radio clocks from other countries, but since you can not create it without materials, please attach the clear material you need.

How to use
Place headphone speakers by the atomic radio clock's internal antenna, with the volume as high as possible before it starts to distort. Or, place the clock’s internal radio antenna as close as possible to the smartphone speaker. Again, with the volume as high as possible before it starts to distort. When time sync receive mode is active, the clock will sync within 2 to 3 minutes.


Title Updated Size Developer
WWVB Emulator 1570745763000 1.4M mokyuu
Latest Version Rating Downloads Requires
1.2.5 4.6065574 1000-undefined 2.3 and up
File Name Content Rating Full Title Price
jp.houryo.wwvbemulator.apk Everyone X Robot Car Shark Water APK free
Compatibility Category Contains ads File type
Android Productivity yes apk


You can simply download WWVB Emulator game / app for Android in apk format from links given below.

Google Play Store:
Download apk file:

If you notice that presented file is outdated, please contact us and we will refresh it. Remember that WWVB Emulator apk requires 2.3 and up for correct working. We offer only one version of this game/app, this is 1.2.5 release prepared for Android devices. If you have any questions about this application, find the author – mokyuu and simply contact him.

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