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Vergence Trainer Apk Latest Version

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Vergence Trainer apk version 1.1

About Vergence Trainer game:

Vergence Trainer is an app for Android-based devices that has been designed to allow train fusional vergences in a comfortable , dynamic and autonomous way. Anaglyph glasses (red-green or red – blue) must be worn by the user to achieve 3-D vision during the training task.
With this application, the optometrist has a new tool to train their patients in the office or at their own home. The application is suitable for mobile phones and tablets although due to its bigger spatial dimensions, the training vergence range will be greater in tablets in comparison with mobile phones.


Title Updated Size Developer
Vergence Trainer 1441216075000 1.6M Smarthings4Vision
Latest Version Rating Downloads Requires
1.1 4.6 100-undefined 3.0 and up
File Name Content Rating Full Title Price
fer.packet.vergencetrainer.apk Everyone X Robot Car Shark Water APK 7.49
Compatibility Category Contains ads File type
Android Medical yes apk


You can simply download Vergence Trainer game / app for Android in apk format from links given below.

Google Play Store:
Download apk file:

If you notice that presented file is outdated, please contact us and we will refresh it. Remember that Vergence Trainer apk requires 3.0 and up for correct working. We offer only one version of this game/app, this is 1.1 release prepared for Android devices. If you have any questions about this application, find the author – Smarthings4Vision and simply contact him.

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