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Company Seal Apk Latest Version

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Company Seal apk version 3.0

About Company Seal game:

This app creates digital Company Seals.
The user can stamp the company seal on pdf and save it.
The user can export the company seal as a png image(1024 pt x 1024 pt) for other uses.

Create A New Seal:-
Hit + Button and
1)Select a seal Template,
2)Edit Text,
3)Leave blank for no text,
4)Select icon image if required by the template,
5)Select Other Properties of the seal
6)Preview and
7)Save the seal.
Note:- Company Icon Images needs to be 1024 pt x 1024 pt image with/without transparent background.Lower resolution icons may give poor quality seal images.Icon Image can be imported from the device or card.

Four seal templates are provided.

The following can be chosen by the user:-
1)Seal colour
2)Seal Type
3)Border Type
4)Inner Border Type
5)Font Size
6)Font Name
7)Icon type(Round or Square)
8)Icon colour (seal colour mask or original).
9)Seal Rotation 0-30 deg left or right

Select an Available Seal for stamping:-
1)Select a seal
2)Hit Pick seal

Save an Available Seal:-
1)Select a seal
2)Hit Save to
The seal will be save to your device(Documents).

Delete an Available Seal:-
1)Select a seal
2)Hit Delete

Stamping On Pdf:-
Hit Import Pdf & Choose a Pdf Document.
1)Go to the page where you want to stamp.
2)Move to the required location on the page.
3)Tap to stamp.

Reset Selected page:-
1)Select the page
2) Hit Undo Seal

Original pdf documents are not changed.
But,Seal impressions are permanent on saved Pdf Documents.Seal impressions are not pdf annotations.

Company Seals has three Sizes:-
1 5/8 inches, 1 3/4 inches, 2 inches

Other seal images can be imported to this app.
You need to import a 1024 pt x 1024 pt png/tiff image.The seal image background needs to be transparent.

Note:- Avoid very Dark Colours for Emboss or Wax Seal types. for support


Title Updated Size Developer
Company Seal 1563356392000 4.6M Kalees
Latest Version Rating Downloads Requires
3.0 undefined 10-undefined 5.0 and up
File Name Content Rating Full Title Price
com.kalees36.kk.companyseals.apk Everyone X Robot Car Shark Water APK 14.99
Compatibility Category Contains ads File type
Android Business yes apk


You can simply download Company Seal game / app for Android in apk format from links given below.

Google Play Store:
Download apk file:

If you notice that presented file is outdated, please contact us and we will refresh it. Remember that Company Seal apk requires 5.0 and up for correct working. We offer only one version of this game/app, this is 3.0 release prepared for Android devices. If you have any questions about this application, find the author – Kalees and simply contact him.

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